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05 September 2015

  • 05 September 2015
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Sudan is considered as one of the most richest Arab and African countries with a livestock estimated around 103 million head(30 million cows, 37 million sheep, 33 million goats, 3 million camels) , in addition to 4 million Of equine species, 45 million of poultry, wealth of fish estimated to be around 100 thousand tones in internal fisheries and 10 thousand in sea fisheries, beside large numbers of wild animals.

A.Livestock provides food security:

to the residents in terms of meat produce and 60% or more of the required amount in milk produce and milk produce besides providing power, weather, pregnancy, dung use as fertilizer. The value of these products is estimated to be around 4 billion US dollars annually. This sector also provides a decent living to around 40% of the population of Sudan in one way or another.

Contribution to income: 

The contribution of the livestock sector to the total local production is around 20% and around 40% from the contribution of the agricultural sector.

Fields available for investment in the livestock sector

Production of red meat.

The production of red meat field, specially sheep and cows comes into the front of the fields of investment due to the growing demand regionally and internationally. This field includes:

  • Establishment of pastoral farms and specialized projects for breeding sheep, cows, goats, camels and wild life.
  • Fattening cows, sheep and goats in the fattening complexes on agricultural and industrial waste.
  • The purchase and export of live cattle, sheep, cows, goats and camels.

Production of white meat.

  • Breeding of poultry for the production of meat and eggs.
  • Breeding of ostriches for the production of meat.

Milk and dairy products

Establish specialized projects for the production of cows and goats milk and its derivatives.

Fish and Aquaculture

  • Establishing specialized projects for the production of sea and river fish.
  • Establishing specialized and integrated fish investment projects with other types of production.
  • Production of seashells

Refrigerated warehouses

  • Establish refrigerated warehouses for meat and fish
  • Refrigerated transport for meat and its products.
  • Production of seashells


a.Land and sea transport of livestock and red and white meat


Animal health

  • Provide medicines and veterinary supplies
  • Establish pharmacies and refrigerated warehouses
  • Training of cadres

Animal Production

  • Provide Artificial insemination services and the importing of improved breeds services to large and small laboratories
  • Import of animal production inputs and requirements.

Fish and Aquaculture

  • Provide boats and fishing nets.
  • Establish ice factories in areas of fish production.


  • 05 September 2015
  • Category:
  • 3809 Viewer

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