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About Union

21 August 2015

In 1908, the Sudanese business community established the Sudan chamber of commerce, to achieve the following objectives:

  • To collect & import information useful for the trade in Sudan.
  • To give such information as may be in its power to the Sudan Government when it shall be asked.
  • To intervene with the Sudan Government, in all matters affecting the general interest of trade in all ways to be watchful of the interests of trade in Sudan.
  • To advice to the proper quarter all question brought to its notice, which may be in the opinion of the committee affect the general interests of trade in Sudan.
  • To correspond with other chambers of commerce when necessary.
  • To assist in the arrangement of arbitration & conciliation in case of commercial disputes when so requested,
  • To attend to the general business of the chamber.

The chamber decided on 29 November 1909 to start a monthly journal in order:

  • To have an official organ.
  • To keep the members and the public duly informed of matters of interest to the commercial community.
  • To call the attention to the possibilities of trade in the Sudan and to enlarge the sphere of the chamber.

In 1923, the Sudan Chambers Committee issued a set of Rules governing Arbitration held under the supervision of the chamber. A proclamation subsequently published in Sudan Government Gazette No. 422 of October 15, 1923 conferred upon the Arbitration power to administer oath to parties and witnesses in connecting with arbitration proceeding held under the said rules.

Following the establishment of additional powerful developmental projects and the expansion of markets in the Sudan the need arouse for establishing more chambers in different cities of Sudan.

In 1968, there were about 8 chambers in “Portsudan, Kasala, Alfasher  ...” The business community felt the need to unify the efforts of these chambers by establishing one body that works as an umbrella for these chambers. Sudan Chamber took this responsibility, and Sudanese Chambers of Commerce.

Other Unions, such as: the Union of Chambers of Industry, the Union of Chambers of  Transport, the Union of Chambers of Small Size Industries of Handcrafts and the Union of Chambers of Agriculture were established during the country's development process.

To gather all these unions in one body the government felt the need to establish another umbrella, The Sudan Businessmen and Employers Federation (SBEF) which was established in 1977. SBEF serve the following purposes: 

  • Encourage the development of economy and investment.
  • Participate in planning national development.
  • Establish a suitable environment for fruitful relations between the parties concerned with production in general and between all businessmen sectors particularly.
  • Defend its member's legal privileges.
  • Set the regulations and establish reliable principles for the economical activities.
  • Prepare studies and conduct researches that enhance the development process.
  • Participate in local, regional and international workshops, seminars and assemblies related to economy and related activities.

Union of Chambers of Commerce consists of six major specialized Chambers

  • Chamber of Exporters
  • Chamber of importers
  • Chamber of economic service
  • Chamber of Information and Communication Technology
  • Chamber of Health and Education
  • Chamber of Contractors& Engineering Services
  • Chamber of States

all of these specialized chambers include many of the people all of the record of specialization in which it operates and the people of the executive committees that perform work.

Union managed by an executive committee headed by:

  • Eng / Yusuf Ahmed Yusuf -_President
  • Dr. / Yassin Homida Ibrahim -Secretary-general
  • Us/Saad Mohamed Ahmed
  • And 22 others member .

Now a team of well-experienced personnel is running the business. Headed by the Directory General there are four departments. 

  • Administrative Affairs
  • Financial Affairs
  • Chambers Affairs and Public Relation
  • Research & Information

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